Monday, September 10, 2007

OS X - The Full Option Choice

This is an article meant to dispatch the one of a Windows Troll called Marius Oiaga. He wrote the article "Want Lack of Choice? Buy a Mac - For everything else there's Windows Vista". The article can be found here.
First I want to warn you that nothing you read there is based on FACTS! He is, like I said earlier, just an uninformed Windows Troll.

What if you want to build your own system, from the ground up?

Well, what the Hell stops you from making your own configuration? Just go to Apple Store and put together whatever pieces you want!
What if you are fond of the right-click button?

Well...Have you ever laid hands on a Mac mouse? They have the right-click for Christ sakes...Windows is the one who copied the mouse from Macintosh, not vice versa...
What if instead of Vista Ultimate, you only need Home Basic? one of the readers said...If Home Basic would cost as much as Ultimate, would you still want it??? Now let's check the prices:

OS X 129$ || Vista Home Basic 182.99$
OS X 129$ || Vista Home Premium 218.99$
OS X 129$ || Vista Business 259.49$
OS X 129$ || Vista Ultimate 339.99$

I surely love these lack of choices!

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