Friday, September 14, 2007

New Desktop

I had some extra time(actually I was really bored), so I redecorated my desktop. This is the result :) I hope you like it.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Bush vs. Zombies

Lucky me that I don't live in the U.S.! :))

OS X - The Full Option Choice

This is an article meant to dispatch the one of a Windows Troll called Marius Oiaga. He wrote the article "Want Lack of Choice? Buy a Mac - For everything else there's Windows Vista". The article can be found here.
First I want to warn you that nothing you read there is based on FACTS! He is, like I said earlier, just an uninformed Windows Troll.

What if you want to build your own system, from the ground up?

Well, what the Hell stops you from making your own configuration? Just go to Apple Store and put together whatever pieces you want!
What if you are fond of the right-click button?

Well...Have you ever laid hands on a Mac mouse? They have the right-click for Christ sakes...Windows is the one who copied the mouse from Macintosh, not vice versa...
What if instead of Vista Ultimate, you only need Home Basic? one of the readers said...If Home Basic would cost as much as Ultimate, would you still want it??? Now let's check the prices:

OS X 129$ || Vista Home Basic 182.99$
OS X 129$ || Vista Home Premium 218.99$
OS X 129$ || Vista Business 259.49$
OS X 129$ || Vista Ultimate 339.99$

I surely love these lack of choices!

The new iPod Nano - iPod Fatboy

Enjoy the slideshow review of the new iPod Nano, aka iPod Tubby or iPod Fatboy.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fedora Problem

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Chess Titans on Vista

I played a little while with the chess engine provided by Vista. It's called Chess Titans. The engine is pretty challenging. I managed to beat the first seven levels, make a draw at the 8th level, and get my ass kicked in level 9 and 10. What I didn't like was that it breaks some basic rules of chess. I'll show you 2 errors that I've encountered myself.
1.In real chess you can't cross a battle field with your pawn. In Chess Titans, you can:

2. You can't play Regal Chess(that's how we call it in Romanian, it means to move the knight on the Rook when you have only one Rook left; this gives the Rook the ability to move as a Rook and as a Knight at the same time):
So...To the coders from Vista: Happy Documentation!

LightScribe Rullz

I have my new laptop for about a month. I knew I had a LightScribe drive but I didn't knew what the hack it was. Lucky me that I found searched on Google. So...if you don't know what LightScribe is, I'm gonna tell you. LightScribe is an upgrade to the optic drive that allows you to burn images directly into the discs(see the image above). It's pretty cool, since you don't have to use stickers that peal or markers that get smudgy.

Bridgestone - Designed to keep your dog alive

BB5 Unlocking

Dejan, a coder from Poland, launched today a free tool for unlocking BB5 phones. It's the first free program to do that. Until now, unlocking of a BB5 phone would cost you about 40$. If you don't know if your phone is BB5 encrypted, here's a list of BB5 phones:
1. Nokia 3250
2. Nokia 5200
3. Nokia 5300
4. Nokia 5500
5. Nokia 5700
6. Nokia 6110 Navigator
7. Nokia 5120 Classic
8. Nokia 6125
9. Nokia 6126
10. Nokia 6131
11. Nokia 6133
12. Nokia 6233
13. Nokia 6234
14. Nokia 6267
15. Nokia 6270
16. Nokia 6280
17. Nokia 6288
18. Nokia 6290
19. Nokia 6300
20. Nokia 6630
21. Nokia 6680
22. Nokia 6681
23. Nokia 6682
24. Nokia 7370
25. Nokia 7373
26. Nokia 7390
27. Nokia E50
28. Nokia E60
29. Nokia E61
30. Nokia E61i
31. Nokia E62
32. Nokia E70
33. Nokia N71-N75
34. Nokia N80
35. Nokia N90
36. Nokia N91
37. Nokia N92
38. Nokia N93
39. Nokia N93i
40. Nokia N95

You can obtain the unlocking software from here. The bad part is that you can't use your USB cable to unlock it. You have to have a serial CA43 or DKU5 Nokia genuine cable, but it only cost about 10 bucks. For more information see the readme file in the archive.
I'm waiting for your feedback. Happy unlocking!

New configuration

While I was in Portugal I bought myself a new PC. The old one was obsolete, but this...Well...for me it's more than enough.'s the configuration:
* Processors: Intel Centrino Duo de 2,0 GHz
* 2 x HDD SATA 160 GB at 7200 RPM
* 2 x 1024 DDR2 RAM (upgradeable to 4 GB)
* Graphics Card: nVidia 8600M GS(256 MB DDR3 expandable to 1GB)
* BrightScreen Widescreen de 17" Monitor
* WiFi+Bluetooth
* Vista Home Premium
* Finger Print Scanner
* DVD-Writer LightScribe
* Weight 3,5 Kg
* Multimedia Remote Control
* Web cam
* Stereo Microphone

So...These are the main components of the laptop. At least now I can open Photoshop in less then 10 seconds.

I'm back

Pfew...The design is finished. After 3 hours of failures I chose a default template from blogger. Maybe I'll change the colors when I get bored. Anyway, the important thing is that I'm back from Portugal and after a month of absence I start blogging again.