Saturday, September 1, 2007

Chess Titans on Vista

I played a little while with the chess engine provided by Vista. It's called Chess Titans. The engine is pretty challenging. I managed to beat the first seven levels, make a draw at the 8th level, and get my ass kicked in level 9 and 10. What I didn't like was that it breaks some basic rules of chess. I'll show you 2 errors that I've encountered myself.
1.In real chess you can't cross a battle field with your pawn. In Chess Titans, you can:

2. You can't play Regal Chess(that's how we call it in Romanian, it means to move the knight on the Rook when you have only one Rook left; this gives the Rook the ability to move as a Rook and as a Knight at the same time):
So...To the coders from Vista: Happy Documentation!

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